Diet For Acne


Why are some of us affected by this problem in the first place? This is the first question you're probably asking yourself as you see some of your friends with flawless skin, and you're left with pimples and blemishes. They don't seem to be taking good care of their skin as much as you, but they don't suffer from this issue.

I'll tell you why. Believe it or not, it is a blessing in disguise. As you're now embarking in the quest to learning what the causes of your condition are, you'll undoubtedly learn a lot about yourself, your relation to food, and nature as a whole.

To answer the first question, everyone is different. There are 3 things that could be happening:

  1. Some people have better excretory biological systems.
  2. Some people will eventually deal with it at some point to one degree or another.
  3. Some people face other conditions, meaning their body manifests the problem in a different way.

The reason why I said it's a blessing is because, your body is actually smarter than you think. It is genetically encoded to recognize what's good and bad. So whenever you slip away from what you were designed to be, your body alerts you. It's good thing you're listening.

Most people do not believe their condition has anything to do with food. They spend lots of money on cosmetic products that don't work. Every week it's a new product. They are trying to deal with the problem from the outside, when true beauty is created inside out. Since you landed on this page, I must commend you, because you've successfully pinpointed where the problem actually is, and now you're trying to do something about it. I will share some of the things I've learned along the way, and I believe you'll be able to get something out of it. Acne Causes